Best Restaurants for Deer Valley Dining

by Staff Writer

Deer Valley Dining

Deer Valley Dining

Visitors to Deer Valley Resort in Park City Utah often ask the question, “What are the best restaurants for fine dining near Deer Valley”.  To answer this question we carefully reviewed all the restaurants near Deer Valley Resort and put together the complete list.  The following Deer Valley restaurants are listed in order with #1 scoring the highest and #9 scoring the lowest.

These excellent dining establishments have been ranked according to several factors.  To reach the #1 spot requires a nearly perfect dining experience with unique and creative menu options emphasizing seasonality and culinary expression.  Service must be provided by a well trained staff with excellent personal attention and service.  Overall ambiance and atmosphere are also used to determine our results.

1.       The Glitretind – Silver Lake Village

2.       Goldener Hirsch Restaurant – Silver Lake Village

3.       Mariposa – Silver Lake Village

4.       Ticino Trattoria – Silver Lake Village [CLOSED]

5.       Bistro Toujours – Silver Lake Village

6.       Seafood Buffet – Snow Park Village

7.       Fireside Dining – Empire Pass / Flagstaff

8.       Royal Street Café – Silver Lake Village

9.       Stew Pot – Snow Park Village – [CLOSED]

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