Deer Valley Lodging Intends To Make Good

by Staff Writer

Premier Resorts’ Deer Valley Lodging is reeling from the worst economic downturn experienced in recent history.  The 2008 – 2009 ski season was a difficult one for the ski tourism industry, with some Park City lodging companies down as much as 50% year over year.   Deer Valley Lodging claims to be down only 30% year over year which is respectable, all factors considered.  Property owners under their rental management seem to be less than forgiving in response to the news that DVL is asking for additional time to make good on their obligations.  Owner responses posted in the Park Record seemed to lean towards a “burn it down” legal reaction, with some owners even filing police reports for theft. Read the letter Deer Valley Lodging sent to homeowners.

The company has built its reputation on providing high quality accommodations and high quality service to guests at one of the country’s most luxurious ski resorts, Deer Valley Resort®.  The underlying commitment to service and guest experience clearly contributed to the firm’s current financial situation.   While it is probable that DVL may have been able to run leaner operations in some aspects of its business, there is the unavoidable cost associated with high service levels expected by guests skiing at Deer Valley Resort.  This year guests not only demanded the highest levels of service, they also demanded the deepest discounts.

It is easy to Monday morning quarterback the decisions made by DVL management over the course of the season.  They probably knew in September this day was coming, but in some regard they have an obligation to the rest of the community and the reputation of the town as a whole to meet a certain level of service and guest experience.  In some respect, every Park City lodging company plays a role in maintaining Park City’s brand.  Let’s hope the owners in DVL’s program don’t end up picking up an unfair portion of the tab for maintaining Park City’s reputation.

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