Premier Resorts | Deer Valley Lodging Property Mgmt is Screwed

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Deer Valley Lodging Property Management

Deer Valley Lodging Property Management

Update May 28, 2009 – Premier Resorts Park City doing business as Deer Valley Lodging agrees to Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation in Salt Lake City court. The company owes condominium owners approximately $5 Million dollars in addition to several hundred thousand dollars in unpaid nightly lodging use taxes to the state. With DVL’s assets listed at around $280,000 maybe the headline should read “Deer Valley Lodging Property Mgmt Screws Creditors”.

Original Post May 05, 2009 – It’s been over a month since Premier Resorts – Deer Valley Lodging Property Management first notified homeowners in its nightly rental program that it would be forced to delay revenue payments.  At that time Barbara Zimonja and Bradley T. Goulding publicly announced a plan to keep owners updated frequently and stated their intention to resolve the problem in about two weeks.

Apparently, DVL’s plan isn’t working because a group of homeowners from The Lodges at Deer Valley just filed a petition for involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation in federal court.

Once the notice is served the company will have 20 days to respond.  When reached for comment, DVL stated the legal filing would “complicate” their search for a solution and “will likely affect our ability to attract financial assistance.” 

Deer Valley Resort added fuel to the bonfire by announcing on Friday May 1st, 2009 that they will be entering into the property management business.  According to Bob Wheaton, president and general manager of Deer Valley Resort, the new entity owned by the resort will be called Deer Valley Resort Lodging and Reservations.  As a result of this new development, Deer Valley Resort will no longer license the name Deer Valley Lodging to Premier Resorts. 

Premier Resorts announced that, other than no longer being the official property management-licensee of Deer Valley Resort and the petition for involuntary bankruptcy filed in federal court, little has changed for Premier Resorts and they will continue to operate normally, even in Deer Valley.  They also mentioned how the new Deer Valley Resort and Reservations will be actively hiring their employees and courting their property owners to quickly build the new property management company. 

This is a copy of the letter sent by Barbara Zimonja to Premier – DVL employees letting them know about the new opportunity:

Dear Staff:
I know this has been a difficult time for everyone and I want to thank each of you for all that you have done for our company….
As Deer Valley Resort moves forward in identifying their business needs, they may be interested in discussing employment opportunities with any employees of Deer Valley Lodging and Premier Resorts Park City including those that have been placed on a business leave of absence.  The Resort will be making the decision to hire additional staff for their property management division on a case by case basis, with official job offers being generated by Deer Valley Resort’s human resource recruiting department.  Staff members, including those that have been placed on a business leave of absence, will have the opportunity to apply for positions at the Deer Valley Resort by visiting their website at
I want to thank everyone for their patience as we work through these difficult and complex issues.
Barbara Zimonja

By the time this letter was released, Premier Resort’s vice president of operations Kim McClelland, was already unpacking his cardboard box at his new office located over at the newly minted Deer Valley Resort Lodging and Reservations. Mr. McClelland is a long time Park City local and a well respected lodging expert. Previous to his position at Premier Resorts, Mr. McClelland served as vice president and general manager of Jupiter Property Management for over 10 years. He has also served as president of the Park City Area Lodging Association, the Park City Rotary Club and the Park City Chamber/Bureau.  He is also involved with the Utah Office of Tourism and the Utah Ski Association.

In a press release issued May 5th, 2009, Deer Valley Resort president and general manager Bob Wheaton said, “We are very pleased and excited to have Kim join our team.  Kim’s experience and wisdom in both the lodging and ski industry will be instrumental is the success of our new division.” 

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