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Deer Valley Lodging Options | Snow Park Area | Park City Utah

Deer Valley Lodging Options | Snow Park Area | Park City Utah

by Staff Writer

Deer Valley Resort - Snow Park Lodge

Deer Valley Resort - Snow Park Lodge

There are so many Deer Valley lodging options in close proximity to the Deer Valley Resort Snow Park Lodge it can seem a little daunting to narrow down your selection. Hopefully, we can provide some helpful information regarding Deer Valley condo property locations so you feel more confident in making your selection.

Deer Valley Resort - Snow Park Area Lodging Map

Deer Valley Resort - Snow Park Area Lodging Map

When a rental property is listed as being in the Snow Park area it is generally meant to refer to locations along Deer Valley Drive between the traffic circle (intersection of Deer Valley Drive and Marsac Avenue) and Deer Valley Resort.  This includes streets such as Deer Valley Drive, Deer Valley Loop, Rossi Hill Drive, Stonebridge Drive, Deer Valley Drive South, Deer Valley Drive East, Deer Valley Drive North, Queen Esther Drive, Nansen Court, Deer Lake Drive, Amber Road, Amber Court, Pinnacle Drive, and Pinnacle Court.  You might be able to argue that McHenry Street and Coalition View Court located off of Rossi Hill Drive also fit in this classification but you would probably want to consider renting a car because you would be a little far from the shuttle stop.

If you are looking for slope side accommodations or ski-in ski-out properties there are only a few that meet the strict definition.

1.       Black Diamond Lodge

2.       Trails End / Pine Inn

3.       La Maconnerie

4.       St. Regis Resort and Residences

Next we’ll cover properties that are only a short walk to Snow Park Lodge.  It’s important to remember that Deer Valley runs a cabriolet resort shuttle through their parking lots and all of these properties would allow you to simply jump on their shuttle.  We’ll list them in order of proximity to Snow Park Lodge with #5 being closest.

5.       Powder Run

6.       Red Stag Lodge

7.       Comstock Lodge

8.       Courchevel

9.       Silver Baron Lodge

10.   The Lodges at Deer Valley

Then you’ll find a group of properties that are still very close but you’re probably going to want to consider riding the free town shuttle.   These properties are located along Deer Valley Drive East or just off Queen Esther Drive.

11.   Wildflower

12.   Glenfiddich

13.   Chaparral

14.   Queen Esther

15.   Deer Lake Village

As you continue along Deer Valley Drive East it will turn into Deer Valley Drive North just as you pass by the Chapparral condos at the intersection of Solamere Drive.   We’ve listed the following lodging options in order as you would drive past them on your way towards the intersection with Deer Valley Drive South.  These properties are located on the free Park City shuttle route.

16.   Bristlecone

17.   Fawngrove

18.   Daystar

19.   Pinnacle

Deer Valley Drive North will intersect with Deer Valley Drive South on the left (completing the loop around the Deer Valley lakes) and Deer Valley Drive on the right.  If you turn left and progress as if you are going back towards Snow Park Lodge you will drive past the following complexes.  These are located on the free town shuttle route.

20.   Aspenwood

21.   Lakeside

22.   In the Trees

If you make the right hand turn at the intersection of Deer Valley Drive North and Deer Valley Drive and progress towards the traffic circle (intersection of Deer Valley Drive and Marsac Avenue) you will pass by the following complexes.  The shuttle stops along Deer Valley Drive so some of these locations will require a short walk to the shuttle stop.


24.   Stonebridge

25.   Boulder Creek

26.   Foxglove

27.   Greyhawk

28.   Sunnyside

29.   Quakies Townhomes

30.   Portico Townhomes

There are other properties that we have not mentioned but hopefully you will be able to use the properties we have detailed in this article as landmarks to help you determine the exact location of the property you are inquiring about.

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Doug S. June 11, 2009 at 5:12 pm

Nice article – this helped quite a bit when I was planning my trip to Park City this summer.

Doug – Atlanta, GA

Howard Metz July 17, 2009 at 7:22 am

Can you list the Quakies Condominiums in your Deer Valley Lodging info. You can go to my website for more info.


Howard Metz

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